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Not all composite boats are created equal. Placid boats are handmade in the Adirondacks by people who paddle.
Last Updated: January 20, 2011
Our Mission:
To build lightweight, efficient paddlecraft in the "greenest" manner possible that help people of all ages and physical abilities enjoy the great outdoors from a different perspective.
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***Placid Boatworks is proud to be working with the USA Luge Team.***
Read About Our State-Of-The-Art Green Lamination Process
Feb. 4 - Test Results from Atlantic Testing Laboratories
Of 61 VOCs (volatile organic compounds) canvassed down to a 5 ppb (That's parts per BILLION) level over a 2.5 hour period in the front two office spaces in the building we work out of, only 4 registered at all - this while Placid Boatworks was building a boat and spraying gel coat in a mold. VOC monitor inside mold while we were infusing a hull read "0". Bear in mind, office space #2 was until recently a hair salon. Here's the breakdown:
Office Space #1
Office Space #2
OSHA PEL (ppm)*
.131 (1 / 7,634th of PEL)
.384 (1 / 2,604th of PEL)
Isopropyl Alcohol
.038 (1 / 10,526th)
.058 (1 / 6,897th)
Methyl Ethyl Ketone
.017 (1 / 11,765th)
.029 (1 / 3,448th)
All Others
In case you couldn't tell, we're extremely proud of our clean technology and the manner in which we make the best paddlecraft found anywhere.  Our test results from the New York State Division of Health and Safety are equally impressive! It's not just you who demands a safe, clean, top-quality product manufactured in the most environmentally conscious manner - we do, too!
*OSHA permissable exposure levels (PEL) in ppm (parts per MILLION) - 8-hour time-weighted average
ND = Non-detect level
Models for 2012
12' Solo Pack Canoe
SpitFire 13
13' Solo Pack Canoe
15' Solo Pack Canoe
16' Solo Pack Canoe
17' Tandem/Solo Pack
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Adirondack Trails, a locally produced show, featured Placid Boatworks in a recent segment.
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Paddle Camp for Rent - Next to St. Regis Canoe Area. Check it Out!

Cool Trip Video  - Mike & Molly D. (and Wiley) in the BWCA
(The RapidFire is a Boundary Waters Tripping Machine!) 
Shadow Sweep in 2010 90-Miler!
Check out pictures from the 2010 90-Miler on our Facebook page.
2011 Show/Event Schedule
June 3-5
Western Pennsylvania Solo Canoe Rendezvous, Coopers Lake/Slippery Rock, PA
Sept 23-25
Placid Boatworks Fall Fun Weekend (Eighth Lake Campground - Square Mile of Hope on Sat.)
October 6-10, 13-16
Annapolis Boat Shows (Sail - 6-10, Power - 13-16)
***FREE DELIVERY of pre-ordered boats to all shows!***
New - FoxWorx Paddles in Store
New - Seattle Sports Dry Bags, Packs and Gear
We also stock Werner paddles, Astral PFDs and Yakima racks.
RapidFires Sweep Solo Rec class in '09 "90-Miler"
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Placid Boatworks builds the highest quality solo and tandem recreational canoes available right in our waterside shop in Lake Placid. What sets our paddlecraft apart from other manufacturers?
Strong, lightweight carbon and kevlar construction.
Beautiful, hand-finished Adirondack cherry gunwales and seat frames or high-tech, ultralight Cobrasox (see below)
Highly water resistant thwarts and deck plates of colorful, laminated hardwood.
Clean and green - Click Here to read more on our lamination method or view video above...
Comfort Touring Package
(standard equipment on our boats)*
Placid Boatworks
Cherry Gunwales/ Dymondwood® Thwarts
+$100 - $200 or NA
Foot Braces
+$50 - $85
Two-Tone Hull with Scuff Patch
+$125, if available
Custom Tinting of Clearcoat
(Sapphire / Ruby / Emerald / Diamond
Not Available with most
Custom Seat (wood or carbon)
Kayak Back Band
*(For the ultimate in light weight, we also offer a minimalist "Nessmuk Package" - deleting the seat, backband and footbraces and substituting a foam seat.)
Recycled Boats!
Our unique lamination process allows us to build complete boats out of small pieces of fabric that end up in the scrap heap of most boat builders. We offer a limited number of recycled material boats starting at $1,895. Ash rails, 30 lb SpitFire. Call for details.
Cobra XLT Gunwales and Thwarts- Ultralight, Zero Maintenance
20 lb SpitFire / 25 lb RapidFire*
* Includes molded seat, backband and footpegs
BAG IT! -- Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fitted cover for your Placid Boatworks paddlecraft? The BAG LADY, Sue Audette, will build you one of her high quality, custom fit boat bags. These are the same bags that racers use to protect their crafts from sun, rain and road grime, and they’ll do the same for your Placid Boatworks boat. Please visit Sue’s www.waterworkscanoe.com website for more information and to place orders. Particular questions can be sent to baglady@charter.net.
Custom spray decks are available for all solo models. Deck kits include shock-corded aluminum poles, heavy duty coated nylon cover material, and all hardware needed to mount. Comes in a coated nylon thwart bag. Made for us exclusively by The Bag Lady.

RapidFire Sets New Record in 2008 Adirondack Canoe Classic (90-Miler) - 14:49:03.
Click on arrow in center of box below to watch Adirondack Trails show featuring the race.
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(Click Here for More Race Pics)
Next time you're in town, be sure to stop by. If the water's not solid, you can treat yourself to a Placid Boatworks test drive right outside our door. For more information about Placid Boatworks and our product line, call us at 518-524-2949, e-mail us at placidboats@roadrunner.com or stop by our 263 Station Street shop (across from the train station).
Pb Lightweight Touring Hats, Werner Paddles and Astral PFDs.
See Price List page for pricing on new items.